ETCC is opening its bridge and engine room simulator facilities for nautical & technical assessments.  By objectively assessing seafarers during simulator scenarios, ETCC can assist client companies when considering their gents for promotions or hiring new Officers and Engineers in their organization.  Training gaps & needs can also be identified.  To date, we have the ff. assessment services:



a. Master Command Assessment

for Masters; Chief Officers planned to be promoted as Masters

b. DOA

Deck officer applicants planned to be accepted in the fleet


Deck cadets who received their OIC license & planned to be promoted as Junior Officers


a. Chief Engineer Command Assessment

for Chief Engineers; Second or First Engineers planned to be promoted as Chief Engineers

b. EOA

Engine officer applicants planned to be accepted in the fleet


Engine cadets who received their OIC license & planned to be promoted as Engine Officers


The Assessment criteria can be customized based on the needs and vessel types of the clients. 






ETCC has opened its facility for the first external Bridge Resource Management course last 02-04 June 2014.  Trainees were grouped during case studies, role plays and team activities to apply the concepts of leadership.  Important topics such as duties, roles and functions were first discussed and group activities were anchored on topics on perceptions/situational awareness, communication, dialogues, management styles, resource management, stress management, risk assessment and decision making.  The highlight of the course was the third day where trainees were brought to the full mission bridge simulator for an exercise.  Traffic and visibility were challenging and various roles were undertaken by the trainees as Master, Chief Officer, Second Officer etc.  Focus was on how communication and coordination are being carried out on the bridge.  An additional scenario was done where an accident of a seafarer occurred.  Various behaviours and responses were noted as well as on how the Master and his team were able to prioritize and decide on appropriate actions.  A team of Instructors acted as technical support as well as behavioural observers which culminated in the processing/discussions of how the deck resources were used during the role plays. 





ETCC conducted a new course for Management/Operational Marine Engineers & Electro-technical Officers called Marine High Voltage Systems & Awareness last Feb. 03-07, 2014. This 5-days course helped traineees to be aware of the risks and hazards acssociated with high voltage systems onboard in order for them to safely operate, maintain & troubleshoot such installations.





ETCC has conquered another milestone in maritime training by getting the accreditation of its course, Ship Security Awareness Training and Seafarers with Designated Security Duties under MARINA & the Liberia Flag State.





ETCC recently received from the Philippine Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) the Certificate of Course Accreditation to conduct the Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display System (ECDIS) under the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments, conforming also to the IMO Model Course 1.27. For further details of the course, please refer to the course window and click ECDIS.